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Quantity versus quality leads

Marketers strive to get more and more leads. The underlying logic is since it is customers who provide revenue, and leads bring in customers, more leads would mean more customers and hence more revenues. However, more does not always mean better. The quality of the lead or the revenue a lead ultimately brings in matters […]

Lead Scoring 101

In today’s digital world, scoring prospects is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Lead scoring not only provides marketers with valuable information on who is visiting their website and interacting with their brand, but it can dramatically improve sales effectiveness. The premise behind lead scoring is simple: assign a ranking to potential new customers […]

Right On Interactive a Trend Setter?

Recently, Right On Interactive was one of eight marketing automation vendors included in Info-Tech Research Group’s Vendor Landscape for Lead Management Automation. To be included in the report was an honor, but to actually earn an award as well is the icing on the cake! Not only was Right On categorized as an “Innovator” in the […]

Engagement matters, too

Engagement indicates a person’s level of commitment. It can come in many forms, such as diamond rings or “@” replies. But engagement, however you get it, can be the difference between a suspect, a qualified lead and a returning customer. As we recently discussed, lead scoring ranks your prospective customers based upon metrics your organization deems […]

Need for an Integrated Marketing Approach

Email marketing is still at the heart of most marketing communication plans. In addition, most brands have gone social as the popularity of social media grows year over year, with customers increasingly using different social media channels daily. Not to mention, dekstops and laptops are giving way to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. […]

Webinar: Data + Content and the Ideal Customer

Last month I had the pleasure of collaborating with Gary Galvin of Galvin Technologies on our webinar, “Using Data & Content to Find the Ideal Customer.” Galvin Technologies is a full-service web and software company whose services are to provide effective web design and development, web strategy along with custom software application development. It’s always interesting to work with subject matter experts from other […]

Big Data Success Hinges on Putting the Customer First

Marketing (and big data!) is the engine that fuels company growth. To be effective, the marketer has to shift their focus from ensuring the success of their campaigns to ensuring the success of the overall business strategy. While there are many ways and approaches a marketer can take, a common thread that runs across all […]

The Path to a More Profitable Website

Simply put, your website must be about impacting business performance and success. Although SEO and SEM are important to attracting new visitors to your website, it’s often viewed as the only metric in many executive meetings. In addition, although important to the brand and user experience, design can also distract website owners from what’s important […]

Big Data and Your Website: Personalizing the Customer Experience

Data is the new natural resource. What steam and oil did during the industrial revolution data is doing for us now. Today, we are competing on a whole different scale and the company that is able to collect the most relevant data will win. IBM CEO, Ginny Rometty, was recently quoted as saying that “Data […]

Facebook Paid Messages: Marketing Advantage or Annoyance?

Facebook is testing a new feature called paid messaging. It will let users send a message directly to the inboxes of people outside of their network, starting with a cost of at least $1 per message. The price tag rises depending on the profile of the strangers you’re trying to reach. The higher the profile, […]