At Right On Interactive, we’ve seen profitable growth sustained when marketers view engagement as a journey, not just a campaign. So we’ve designed our software to automate the concept of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, providing visibility into who is the best-fit and the most engaged for an organization at each stage of the customer journey — from prospect to raving fan.

The evolution from “batch and blast” email marketing to customer-centric marketing is a major focus for Right On Interactive. The movement from email marketing to automated campaigns and, finally, a customer lifecycle marketing platform requires organizations to assess their current marketing strategies and goals.

The ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ Curve is a visual guide that helps marketers map their lifecycle marketing journey through an evolving marketing landscape.

There are three stages of the ROI Customer Lifecycle MarketingTM Curve, each correlates to a package option of Right On Interactive’s marketing platform geared to move organizations, regardless of their starting point, to a full customer lifecycle marketing solution.