More data means more options

The more data you have, the more data you need to understand. Chances are good you have way more data than you think, because it’s siloed in different places and systems across your organization.

ROI is a Customer Data Platform which unites your siloed data to make it more effective and actionable in your marketing and sales efforts.

Between your CRM, website, marketing efforts, and social media accounts, ROI takes data from different sources and houses it in one place. The result is seeing who has interacted online, clicked-through emails, and bought your products.

Marketing teams can use the data from these sources in personalized marketing. Imagine emails being sent to customers every time they interact with your social accounts reminding them to rebuy the last item they purchased for your website. Or internal reports sent to your team every hour with a list of known customers returning to your website. Your sales team could see the email, phone number, and a list of which emails the customer has opened to know how to best drive the sale.

ROI can integrate with:

  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Gravity Forms
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

To integrate with ROI, you need one of the following

  1. An open API
  2. The ability to send CSV files to a SFTP server
  3. The ability to send CSV files to a designated email address

The need for unified and accessible customer data will only grow larger and more dire. The ROI solution consolidates your data in one place and advances your marketing efforts to paint a full personalized picture for your end customer.

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