Personalization Works. Let's use more of it.

It’s no secret personalized emails get higher open and click-through rates. Personalization the greeting or the subject line is only scratching the surface of what ROI can accomplish.

In many ways, the ROI platform was built to maximize the your personalization options. As more and more data comes into your ROI account, it acts as a customer data platform. The ROI team will help you build out custom tables and columns to organize data from your website, CRM, and other systems. This means you’ll be able to personalize any email and landing page with any of your data in any of your systems that are connect to ROI.

ROI also excels at joining one-to-many relationships for personalization. You could send contacts an email asking them to give a review on every product they’ve bought from your company, or send account managers an email showing each account (and corresponding account information) assigned to them.

We want your campaigns to succeed. Reach out and let’s start a conversation about how ROI can help you use more of  your data for more effective personalization.

How do you use personalization? How do you want to use personalization? Let’s start a conversation on if Right On Interactive is the right solution for you.