We’ve created several whitepapers and ebooks to get your thinking juices flowing about customer lifecycle marketing and other relevant marketing topics. Don’t follow the status quo – if you’re not seeing results, change your approach! Learn how customer lifecycle marketing help you win:


Lifecycle Marketing 101 EBook


This “how to” guide is designed for B2B marketers, senior executives, sales enablement professionals, and those looking for practical advice on using Customer Lifecycle Marketing to take their business to the next level.

Your customers are your #1 asset. Learn how to grow your business through engaged relationships with your prospects AND customers.

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Surviving Big Data Ebook

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Working with Big Data can be a challenge for any business. In this ebook, Right On Interactive has published a new marketing survival guide for organizations dealing with Big Data.

Learn what makes up Big Data, what to do when you’re “lost” and how to increase your odds of rescue. Download your free copy to learn more.

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What is Lifecycle Marketing? Ebook

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In this ebook, Right On Interactive answers the question and provides you with the evidence that a sophisticated, multi-level scoring approach to marketing automation produces better business results.This will help you better understand Lifecycle Marketing and how enacting a system that scores prospects & customers can increase the engagement with your brand and result in accelerated growth to your bottom line.

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The Complete Guide For B2B Lifecycle Content Marketing


This guide was constructed for B2B content marketers, as well as those looking for ways to nurture customers at different buying stages with the most effective and personalized forms of content. Every customer has a lifecycle spanning from unknown prospect to brand-loyal, raving fan. Download this guide to learn more about lifecycle content marketing.

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7 Steps to Effective Customer Lifecycle Communications


The marketer’s plight: increase productivity with fewer resources. Join the growing number of professionals who see lifecycle marketing as their solution. Engage more prospects and customers with your brand by following 7 easy steps to effective lifecycle communications, as shared by the Right On marketing team.

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Action Guide to Lead Management Success


Implementing an effective lead management strategy is the key to increasing engagement and, ultimately, conversion rates with the right prospects. In this simple 8 step action guide, Right On shows you how to build the foundation to help your organization drive more revenue by squeezing more out of your leads with fewer resources

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How to Select a Lifecycle Marketing Automation Solution


Struggling to determine which tools and technologies your business should use? We’re all swimming in a sea of solutions – the trick is, figuring out which one to implement. When it comes to marketing automation, we’ve identified five essential questions marketers need to ask before selecting a lifecycle marketing solution.

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