We will follow through energetically with a strategy or task with the intention of exceeding our specific responsibilities. We will remain focused and committed to the projects at hand and execute our jobs to the very best of our ability every day. We take the next step without being told or asked to do so. We can and have made a difference within Right On Interactive, for our clients and partners as well as within our community. We are committed to the mission of the company every day.


We will strive for continuous improvement. We will produce the best products and deliver the best services as we are capable of providing. We will challenge the process, the product, and our opinions. We will foster a team spirit, never challenging the person, but challenging the problem or opportunity. We will look for new opportunities to learn and grow. We will speak up when we do not understand or do not agree with others. We strive to be known as thought leaders and innovators in customer lifecycle marketing.


We will always do what is right for the customer, the employee, or the circumstance. We will do what we say we will do and will make right on our promises and mistakes. We will seek relationships with future employees, partners, and customers that value character, commitment, and personal accountability. If we have a disagreement, we will let others know and will work as a team to rectify situations.

We believe in treating people well and with respect, although their opinions may be different than ours. We celebrate the differences of people and look to learn from others more than we look to prove someone wrong. We understand that respect is earned and not granted or a guarantee. Treating people fair is different than treating all people the same. Individually, we aim to increase our credibility and trust in the organization, with our customers, and with our community.

Engaged Relationships

We believe true engagement is the fuel for successful, mutually beneficial relationships. Without one-to-one engagement, people are only half listening. We seek first to understand than to be understood. We strive to provide an environment of intrepreneurship (keeping the best ideas in our company), understand the short term and long term goals of our team members and help them reach their milestones and goals, and better understand the personal wins for our customers and brand ambassadors.


Learn about customer lifecycle marketing and how it can create engaged relationships for your brand.