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Below is a breakdown of what our marketing automation and customer lifecycle marketing software offers. Start your journey now.

Watch the video for an in-depth look at how our software can be used to reach your marketing and sales goals. Ultimately, helping you win more business, keep your current customers, and grow the right relationships.

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Campaign Management

How do you measure the success of your campaigns?

Marketing campaign management, in the basic sense, is the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of active marketing campaigns.

Campaign Management and Marketing Automation

But, campaigns get complicated quickly, especially with the development of multi-channel campaigns. Campaign management software is now a necessity in the marketer’s repertoire of tools. An adequate campaign management platform allows you to manage data, track responses, organize campaigns, and segment your audiences.

The ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ software platform provides you with all the key capabilities a full campaign management solution should have:

  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Campaign organization
  • Marketing automation
  • Data management
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Measure engagement
  • Email marketing
  • Report and analyze

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Lifecycle Marketing

Marketing strategy is changing. How do you measure success?

Lifecycle marketing yields results.

Lifecycle marketing has replaced the traditional approach to marketing tactics and offers a new strategy that yields results. It’s about engaged relationships. The Right On Interactive lifecycle marketing methodology focuses on the individual person (or company, depending on your business model) and their journey with your brand. By understanding where a person is at in their “lifecycle” dictates how the contact or company is communicated to, by whom and how often. These are all important factors in driving engagement, which is the most valuable metric your business can measure.

Check out our video below to learn more about how lifecycle marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy.

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Multi-channel Marketing

People want personalized content and expect it to come through a preferred medium. Can you meet these demands?

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is a marketing approach that uses a variety of channels to reach an intended audience across multiple campaigns or within a singular, multi-level campaign.

Examples of marketing channels include email marketing, direct mail, SMS, or website activity. The main objective of running multi-channel marketing campaigns is to increase reach to prospects and customers and make it easier for them to engage with your campaign and, if appropriate, speed up the buying process. Certain channels are more appropriate for some contacts than others – consider your targeted demographics and how each expects to be communicated to. Your marketing tactics should offer a variety of ways for individuals or companies to interact with you.

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important to analyze and define the return on investment (ROI) of each channel, ideally measured by tracking engagement levels, which encourage marketing influenced leads and conversion of sales.

To learn how the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ software solution executes on multi-channel marketing campaigns, request to see relevant examples.

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Lead and Customer Scoring

3D Scoring is the next big thing.

Lead and Customer Scoring

Here’s a loaded question: How are you scoring your leads? We all know now that scoring prospects and customers is no longer a luxury, it’s a basic necessity.

But, basic lead scoring often times only tells part of the story. ROI scores leads and customers by taking a more sophisticated, three-dimensional scoring approach to provide a holistic view of your relationships.

We believe there’s another very important piece to this puzzle to create the big picture of who this person is and how you should be talking to him or her. This piece is what we call the lifecycle stage – essentially, where someone is in their relationship with your brand. Profile and engagement scoring can’t always give you information about the relationship. It’s another element entirely that, combined with profile and engagement scoring, creates that singular, 360 degree view you’ve been aching for.

Here’s the breakdown:

3D Scoring = Profile + Engagement + Lifecycle Stage

These are the three most important pieces of information to have a full understanding of how you can go about winning their love.

Engagement drives relationships, and, in turn, relationships drive revenue. 3D Scoring is how you ultimately turn engaged relationships into revenue-driving streams.

Learn more about our lead scoring process and software by checking out the resources below.

An Examination of Lead Scoring Infographic

The Super Powers of Lead Scoring

Lead and Customer Nurturing

Who are you talking to? Are they talking back?

Lead and Customer Nurturing

Nurturing your leads closes sales. Nurturing your customers drives more revenue.

With the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ lead and customer scoring, campaign management and tracking capabilities, our solution enables marketers to reduce the cost of lead acquisition by cultivating existing engagement into strong relationships and sales-ready opportunities. Statistics show that lead nurturing can increase audience response by up to a factor of four or more. Use a drip campaign to offer valuable content such as whitepapers, best practices and actionable advice. As a result, you build trust and respect in your brand, and are front-of-mind when prospects are ready to buy.

Nurture your leads and customers with ROI’s key capabilities:

  • Create advanced lead segments using the marketing segmentation builder or SQL.
  • Automate multichannel marketing communications through email, voice messaging, SMS (text), fax, and direct mail.
  • Track prospect engagement. Trigger actions based on your defined thresholds, such as converting leads to the sales team or starting a new campaign track.
  • Focus marketing efforts on your target audience “sweet-spot” with ROI Profile Scoring.
  • Create, deliver, and track sophisticated email marketing communications using built-in templates or design your own.
  • Report and analyze marketing return on investment, cost-per lead, and other financial views for all marketing campaigns. Measure the performance of individual tactics. Compare campaign performance of single and multiple communication modes.

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Email Marketing

Batch and blast is out. Personalized communications are in.

Email Marketing Software

Email is an essential element of many marketing campaigns today. Now is the time to re-evaluate your current email marketing strategy and how you’re executing on it.

ROI’s email marketing software solution – embedded in the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ platform – enables marketers to increase new and repeat business with relevant, personalized communications. You’ll quickly create, automate, and improve email communications with prospects and customers throughout the customer lifecycle. And that means deeper, more engaged relationships.

ROI Email includes:

  • Easy-to-use email editor to create sophisticated emails using built-in templates or your own designs
  • Email test send capability – available in the content edit section as well as the email scheduling section
  • Spam score checker – decrease the chance of your email ending up in Spam or Junk folders
  • Litmus email rendering – see how your email looks in different email clients and browsers before it’s sent
  • Advanced email tracking reports
  • Email list management and dynamic audience segmentation for campaign automation management
  • Dynamic engagement scoring rules to capture audience engagement and identify which actions are most valuable
  • Easy compliance with CAN-SPAM and other government requirements – ROI checks every email before it’s sent for these components
  • Multi-step, multi-channel marketing campaign management – for example, drip campaigns based off of subscriber activity

Using Data & Content to Find the Ideal Customer Webinar


How do you make sense of your data? Is it spread across different systems? Just plain messy?

Marketing Integrations

For most businesses, prospect and customer data lives in many different systems and databases — CRM, email marketing databases, call center history logs, order entry systems, point of sale systems and sales databases to name a few.

The ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ solution enables marketers to increase the value of their CRM and other sales and marketing systems by connecting all the dots. ROI lets you integrate with popular systems using our “click-to-connect” technology. Or, connect with virtually any other sales and marketing system through our integration services.

  • Click-to-Connect with popular systems such as, ExactTarget, Google analytics and Litmus.
  • ROI for AppExchange provides complete functionality within the user interface.
  • ROI for ExactTarget provides complete functionality within the ExactTarget user interface.
  • Other existing ROI integrations include: foursquare, SpamAssassin, RealPage, SalesLogix, Avectra, Premier Global, DDI, VaultWare.

Connect all of your sales and marketing systems together and aggregate data for advanced behavioral and demographic-based campaigns with ROI.

The Ecosystem of Lifecycle Marketing Infographic

Reporting and Analysis

Crunching numbers isn’t glamorous. But, the metrics are what measure success – of campaigns, your business and your own performance.

Reporting and Analysis

That’s why ROI offers robust reporting and analysis capabilities in the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ solution. Let’s outline a scenario: you’ve been asked by your boss to provide a last minute update to the executive team on year-to-date lead generation performance. Avoid the frantic fire drill that often accompanies this type of request. With ROI’s solution, the results of all of your marketing tactics (for example, email sends) automatically roll up to their associated campaigns. In turn, each campaign rolls up to their associated marketing programs.

ROI reports quickly summarize and graph the key performance indicators. You have the information in hand to compare campaign performance and make strategic decisions to optimize your marketing operations.

With ROI reporting and analysis capabilities, see:

  • Recent contact activity – easily identify your most engaged prospects or most at-risk customers.
  • Contact activity by owner – see contact engagement by sales rep or account owner.
  • Campaign reports provide roll-up response summaries for every tactic, campaign, and marketing program in your hierarchy.
  • Email reports provide all of the email performance tracking results for individual email sends and multiple email tactics.
  • Scheduled email reports – keep everyone informed on marketing performance.
  • Stage trend history – see how your prospects and customers are moving through the customer lifecycle.
  • Graphical dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators.

Using Data and Content to Find the Ideal Content Webinar