Lead and Customer Nurturing

Who are you talking to? Are they talking back?

Lead and Customer Nurturing

Nurturing your leads closes sales. Nurturing your customers drives more revenue.

With the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ lead and customer scoring, campaign management and tracking capabilities, our solution enables marketers to reduce the cost of lead acquisition by cultivating existing engagement into strong relationships and sales-ready opportunities. Statistics show that lead nurturing can increase audience response by up to a factor of four or more. Use a drip campaign to offer valuable content such as whitepapers, best practices and actionable advice. As a result, you build trust and respect in your brand, and are front-of-mind when prospects are ready to buy.

Nurture your leads and customers with ROI’s key capabilities:

  • Create advanced lead segments using the marketing segmentation builder or SQL.
  • Automate multichannel marketing communications through email, voice messaging, SMS (text), fax, and direct mail.
  • Track prospect engagement. Trigger actions based on your defined thresholds, such as converting leads to the sales team or starting a new campaign track.
  • Focus marketing efforts on your target audience “sweet-spot” with ROI Profile Scoring.
  • Create, deliver, and track sophisticated email marketing communications using built-in templates or design your own.
  • Measure the performance of individual tactics. Compare campaign performance of single and multiple communication modes.

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