Webinar: Data + Content and the Ideal Customer

Last month I had the pleasure of collaborating with Gary Galvin of Galvin Technologies on our webinar, “Using Data & Content to Find the Ideal Customer.”

Galvin Technologies is a full-service web and software company whose services are to provide effective web design and development, web strategy along with custom software application development. It’s always interesting to work with subject matter experts from other industries – especially those just up the road from Right On Interactive. Indianapolis is full of some amazing organizations and thought leaders.

Together in our webinar, Gary and I discussed how data can be captured and utilized to create highly personalized and targeted content intended to engage with customers and ultimately build the path towards customer lifecycle marketing.

Did you miss the webinar?

If you weren’t able to join us in May, I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to the recorded webinar today. It’s brief, to the point and hopefully you will find it useful whether you are part of a B2B, B2C, large or small organization. Please don’t hesitate to submit any questions or comments to our blog.