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CRM and Marketing Automation Working Together

Are your CRM and marketing automation solutions working in concert to deliver greater business results? [...]

8 Ways to Speak “Millennial” in Your Emails

First it was our tamagotchis, now it’s our cell phones. A recent Zogby Analtycs poll [...]

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Super Support: Where’s Your Hoosier Hospitality?

The concept of Hoosier Hospitality really took hold when the 2012 Super Bowl was held [...]

Why Customer Relationships Matter

In the midwest, the month of May typically brings a mix of sunshine and lingering “April showers,” [...]

CRM Enablement Through Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Every day here at PERQ, our salespeople make tons of phone calls and send out [...]

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Building Personal Customer Relationships to Drive Brand Loyalty

When I logged onto Facebook last night, the first story that appeared at the top of [...]

Creating Lifelong Customers

A newer version of your 7-month-old tablet or iPad is coming out in a week [...]

How Marketers Can Adapt to a Fast Churning Business Environment

The world of marketing is in a continuous state of churn. Changes in customer behavior [...]

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Forming Lasting Customer Relationships: Engagement is Timeless

  In the business world, forming lasting customer relationships is critical to success. Building a [...]


Lead scoring has evolved, have you?

The way marketers use lead scoring to find ideal fit prospects has evolved over the [...]