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Building Personal Customer Relationships to Drive Brand Loyalty

When I logged onto Facebook last night, the first story that appeared at the top of [...]

Customer Loyalty, Indianapolis-Style

Customer loyalty is the result of an emotional reaction. According to Beyond Philosophy, “customer loyalty [...]

Your Consumers Are Not Necessarily Loyal Customers

One of the most famous reactions to an Oscar win was Sally Fields’ “You like [...]

Social Media Engagement that Drives Customer Loyalty

Here’s a startling fact, even though customers require a response, 5 in 6 requests made by [...]

Growing Your Customer Brand Loyalty Base

Do you care more about getting new business or retaining existing customers? If you are [...]

Most engaging blog posts of 2014

2014 was a busy year for Right On Interactive! It’s still hard to believe that [...]

B2B Client Success Management

  Client success management is about customer development, retention and expansion. It’s about actively managing [...]

8 Simple Things That Quickly Lead to Customer Loyalty & Retention

I can’t think of a single company that couldn’t improve their customer relations and loyalty [...]

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Customer retention is more than loyalty

Growing up, the family across the street from me always had two Toyotas in the [...]

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Does Brand Loyalty Exist Online?

Does brand loyalty exist online? I mean, sure it does, in some manner, but is [...]