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How Relationships Build Revenue

It’s no secret that relationships build revenue. We’ve been saying it for years. It makes [...]

Why Engagement is Half of the Revenue Equation

Customers + Engagement = Revenue The obvious focus of every organization is to remain in [...]

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Customer Growth Yields Revenue Growth

Growth is a word we use throughout our lives. We grow from infancy to childhood and, [...]

Give me all your data

Let’s be honest, as marketers, we crave data. In a world where we create 2.5 quintillion [...]

B2B Client Success Management

  Client success management is about customer development, retention and expansion. It’s about actively managing [...]

customers + engagement = revenue

The equation is simple: customers + engagement = revenue The obvious focus of every organization [...]

Why Your Marketing Automation Solution Needs a Multi-level Scoring Model

Lead scoring is one of the fundamental aspects of marketing automation. In the traditional sense, [...]