Why Your Marketing Automation Solution Needs a Multi-level Scoring Model

Lead scoring is one of the fundamental aspects of marketing automation. In the traditional sense, lead scoring enables you to qualify leads based on their interest in your product or services. The lead score would then go up or down based on the status of your relationship with the customer.

Right On Interactive (ROI) takes that concept a step further by employing a multi-level scoring model and applying it not only to incoming leads, but existing customers as well. ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing method expands basic lead scoring concepts by identifying two scoring conditions: profile attributes and engagement levels. These scoring conditions detail whether a lead or a customer is an ideal fit for your business and if they are committed to (or at least interested in) your offerings based on their recent interaction with your brand. Why is this important? Several reasons:

  1. Superior Targeting – Multi-level scoring enables you to identify a very specific target audience while recognizing how committed the customer is in building that relationship and how you should be nurturing it. The more precise the target, the greater the chance for conversion and positive results from those conversations.
  2. Better Leads for Your Sales Team – By better pinpointing the leads that are mostly likely to convert, you position your sales team for success. Help motivate your sales team members to move those relationships forward and close opportunities by investing in a tool that improves the efficiency and success rate of the sales process.
  3. More Downstream Revenue – After your prospect becomes a customer, multi-level scoring can help uncover opportunities to better nurture that existing customer relationship. Does your business survive solely by converting leads? No. Your business succeeds through healthy customer relationships that result in partnership, as well as reseller and upselling opportunities. By gaining visibility to where those opportunities lie and, more importantly, who’s at risk of leaving altogether, you can act (often times, preemptively) to accelerate your business forward.

ROI’s multi-level scoring model enables you to better optimize your marketing automation efforts beyond what is available with basic lead scoring. The result? More effective communication with prospects and customers and more opportunities to drive revenue.

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