Right On Interactive Selected as a Top Marketing Automation Provider

If you’ve witnessed the internal battle between marketing and sales in an organization – the lack of alignment and cohesion between the two teams – you’re not alone.

This is an issue as old as business itself and, while there have been many approaches to encourage efficiency (do the terms “marketing funnel” and “sales funnel” sound familiar?), I think we’re just now making some progress with the technology available to alleviate this common business problem. This progress comes in the form of customer lifecycle marketing and a marketing automation solution built on this methodology.

There are a number of software solutions categorized in the marketing automation space, which is why it’s necessary to evaluate all of the major players in the space and conclude which provide significant value to a business. Organizations like Gleanster, a company that benchmarks best practices in the technology industry, aid businesses in their search for the best tool by analyzing and making sense of all the offerings in the technology space. And, according to Gleanster’srecently published guide, Gleansight: Marketing Automation, Right On Interactive (ROI) makes the grade as one of the best marketing automation providers in three of four categories.

If you haven’t had the chance to read the report yet, it offers a breakdown for each marketing automation vendor in four important categories.

When it comes to:

  • Ease of Deployment
  • Ease of Use
  • Overall Value

ROI rises to the top. Surprised? Our customers and industry analysts have spoken. The value provided by the ROI Customer Lifecycle Map™ (patent pending), which visualizes where a contact is in the customer lifecycle, is recognized by many as a premiere solution for analyzing lead and customer scoring, segmentation, data management and campaign design.

As for the fourth category – Features and Functionality – ROI is also ranked near the top and trending upward thanks to a consistent stream of releases launching new features. ROI now also offers its own email tool embedded in the platform with build, delivery, segmentation, and tracking functionality – features not yet released at the time of Gleanster’s evaluation – that raise the bar for ROI’s feature offerings.

So what does this information mean for you – the potential buyer, reseller, current customer, or aspiring industry expert? The customer lifecycle methodology is quickly fueling a new era in marketing defined by a shift in how experts and business leaders approach both marketing and sales campaign management. By employing a best-of-breed customer marketing automation solution like ROI to better measure and utilize prospect and customer engagement, your business will see increased revenue and client retention rates while minimizing marketing costs.
Are you ready to move the right relationships forward? Learn more about how ROI can help your business strategically identify and engage ideal prospects and customers. Contact us today to find out how the implementation of our leading customer marketing automation solution can help your business win.