Overcoming Roadblocks to Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the new “king” of B2B marketing efforts. However, successful content marketing requires marketers to adopt effective content curation techniques. That means finding, organizing and sharing the relevant information to the right audience when they’re hungry for it. This is a basic requirement for lifecycle marketers looking to develop new leads or engage customers the right way. However, implementing a content strategy can raise significant challenges.

A survey by HiveFive, an internet marketing solutions provider on B2B marketers, reveals that 70 percent of all marketers say it’s a challenge just finding time to collect and spread content. Another 66 percent of marketers say a lack of original and quality content is a major drawback to their efforts.  The survey found 38 percent of marketers admit they have a hard time measuring success, and stumble when it comes defining which metrics to track. Another 37 percent of marketers say they just don’t have enough staff to fully develop and implement a content strategy.

These challenges can be met with the help of a powerful automated solution, and ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing solutions fit the bill perfectly. It offers advanced tracking and segmenting capabilities and automated multi-channel marketing communication facilities. It also provides advanced reports to help marketers overcome time and staffing limitations. Perhaps most importantly, it lets marketers define their goals and track results, so they can easily see if what they’re doing is working.

In short, ROI’s Customer Lifecycle solutions provide critical insights that help marketers create the right content for the right audience., while integrating content management strategy with the overall marketing strategy.