How to Move the Right People through the Customer Lifecycle

Customer lifecycle marketing enables your business to win and retain more customers, optimize marketing effectiveness, and maximize the lifetime value of customers.

Of course, everyone wants to see their business succeed in these ways. However, most marketing automation solutions focus solely on lead acquisition, which is only one ingredient in the more robust recipe for success. The solution Right On Interactive (ROI) provides – ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ – is different in that it focuses on how you can effectively communicate with the individual buyer regardless of where they are in their relationship with the organization.

Moving people through the customer lifecycle can be challenging. Many organizations lose track of potential customers or, even worse, current clients, during this process. But ROI’s patent pending ROI Lifecycle Map™ dynamically charts each buyer in the customer lifecycle based on their profile and engagement levels in each distinct lifecycle stage. The result? Managing more engaged relationships.

How does ROI move people through the customer lifecycle so successfully? The key is lead and customer nurturing automation programs fueled by real-time activity tracking and scoring. Consistent, relevant communication with people leads to deeper relationships. ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing solution makes it much easier for you – the marketer, the salesperson, the client success manager – to foster those highly sought after relationships through the following capabilities:

  1. Segmenting prospects to identify the most precise targets for conversion.
  2. Automating multi-channel communications, including email, SMS, voice, fax, and direct mail.
  3. Tracking customer engagement by identifying specific triggers that necessitate response.
  4. Focusing marketing efforts to build brand advocates.
  5. Reporting and analyzing marketing return on investment, customer lifetime value, and other financial views for customer nurturing campaigns. Users can measure the performance of individual tactics as well as compare the program and campaign performance of single and multiple communication modes.

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