Email Content Relevancy: Why Triggered Content is More Effective

Batch and blast is dying.

Many companies, unfortunately, haven’t realized this yet. But as the number of promotional email campaigns sent out by retailers increases, the need for specific, relevant, and triggered content will only increase. “Retailers sent each of their subscribers 177 promotional email campaigns on average last year, up 16 percent from 2010,” said Chad White, research director for email marketing company Responsys.

How many of those messages are getting through? Recent studies indicate that at least half of the messages retailers send don’t reach their target. Many people feel bombarded by the messages and choose to ignore them. In some cases, the subjects of the messages don’t match the interests of the consumer. Yet batch and blast messages from retailers are likely to increase, which means consumers will be more selective in how they choose to respond.

Triggered messages, on the other hand, have a much greater potential for customer engagement. Right On Interactive (ROI) has implemented this concept, which focuses on engaging with the buyer regardless of status in the customer lifecycle. Clients of ROI are able to target their customers by delivering email that reaches a precise audience, has content specific to the user, and arrives at the most opportune time in the lifecycle. As a result, ideal prospects and clients are more engaged, develop lasting relationships with our brand, and eventually bring in more business to the organization through upsells and, most importantly, referrals.

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