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Why Engagement is Half of the Revenue Equation

Customers + Engagement = Revenue The obvious focus of every organization is to remain in business and, beyond that, improve business. But, the former comes before the latter as a fact of nature. Another fact in the art of creating a sustainable business model is that the success of an organization does not rely most […]

The Benefits of a Lifecycle Marketing Solution

Right On Interactive and partner Education Services Group just published an infographic: The Roadmap to Lifecycle Movement. This new infographic illustrates the benefits of a lifecycle marketing solution, while demonstrating how different organizations can create the various lifecycle stages, migrating their prospects to customers for life. While many marketers find it important to automate their marketing efforts, most […]

The journey from single ticket sales to raving fans, literally

I graduated from a university in the Big Ten Conference in 2002. A school with an athletic program of sports dichotomies. Basketball was and continues to be its powerhouse, selling out every game and maintaining a die-hard, enthusiastic and devoted fan base. The football program, while getting better, has always been the afterthought; something fun to do on a […]

Lead scoring has evolved, have you?

The way marketers use lead scoring to find ideal fit prospects has evolved over the years. For most marketers, lead scoring is based on the prospect’s profile attributes and how they match the organization’s ideal profile definition. The profile score provides insights into what an ideal lead looks like, so marketers can create campaigns for that audience. Profile score […]

The Importance of Lifecycle Stage Conversion

Lifecycle marketing provides new perspective and return on investment, but only with the necessary due diligence. Creating a solid, yet flexible marketing strategy that deeply integrates business functions isn’t easy, but it’s a necessary shift to measure true customer conversion rates. The most common barrier I see as a Client Success Manager, is integrating email […]