The Importance of Lifecycle Stage Conversion

lifecycle stage conversionLifecycle marketing provides new perspective and return on investment, but only with the necessary due diligence. Creating a solid, yet flexible marketing strategy that deeply integrates business functions isn’t easy, but it’s a necessary shift to measure true customer conversion rates. The most common barrier I see as a Client Success Manager, is integrating email with overall business strategies due to a disconnect between systems and technologies. Customer Lifecycle Marketing requires a purposeful strategy mix to successfully execute the ultimate goal — lifecycle stage conversion.

Right On Interactive’s email marketing software solution is embedded in our Customer Lifecycle Marketing (CLM) platform. The key word here is embedded. ROI understands marketing automation alone does not provide the 360-degree customer view. Email marketing, in and of itself, does not translate into Lifecycle stage conversion. Strategy silos will never result in moving customers through the Lifecycle. Email marketing, social media, call centers, content marketing, etc., must work together for a lifecycle marketing strategy to succeed.

With ROI, you can develop an automated email campaign upfront and focus on other marketing to-do’s in the future. This often times translates into building ongoing marketing strategy based on email results. For example, if a call center usually works with a certain group of contacts to collect data, why not send an automated email with a landing page and form to collect data from those who will naturally respond? Then, segment call lists based on specific email activity (or lack of activity) and log the call engagement, which will impact the overall engagement score and trigger lifecycle stage conversions. In this example, email marketing and call centers can work together to achieve Lifecycle stage conversion.

The true measure of success in digital marketing is Lifecycle stage conversion — growth of X%, value of overall engagement, etc. The success of one email campaign does not determine the success of your Lifecycle, which is why it’s so important to utilize all of the robust features of the ROI CLM Platform.

To learn more about lifecycle marketing, check out our free ebook, What is Lifecycle Marketing?.