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Customer Success Metrics: Onboarding Stage

Are you happy with your customer retention rate? Do you know what’s causing customer churn? [...]

Multi-Channel Marketing Tips from the World’s Most Powerful Brand

Chances are, you’re very familiar with this brand. You might have watched one of their movies, [...]

6 Lifecycle Marketing Emails You Should Send

As a self-identified picky eater, I’m especially prone to order mishaps at restaurants. Just the [...]


How Marketing Automation Improves Customer Retention

If you do a Google search for “lead management software,” chances are you’ll find results [...]

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How to Maintain Social Media Engagement Through the Customer Lifecycle

It’s difficult for companies of all sizes to successfully utilize social media as an engagement [...]

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Social Media Engagement: Behind the “like”

In an age where some of the recent updates to the Oxford dictionary include “awesomesauce,” [...]

How Customer Experience Marketing is Changing

The sales process used to be linear. From MQLs to SQLs, marketers and salespeople alike [...]

The Value of Marketing and Client Success Alignment

“Customer-centric” is a value that gets tossed around a lot, but have you ever thought [...]

How Marketing is Evolving for Your Customers

When I first started working in marketing technology, I engaged with clients via telephone, email, online and face-to-face [...]

6 Ways the Salesperson can Optimize Customer Engagement

For the sales team, it used to be about how many client lunches they had or the [...]