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Your CRM is a Goldmine

It all depends on your industry and the state of your company, but different departments [...]

CRM and Marketing Automation Working Together

Are your CRM and marketing automation solutions working in concert to deliver greater business results? [...]

Mini Marathon of a CRM Purchase: A CLM Perspective

This past weekend I made the questionable life decision to pay a sum of money [...]

Desk Decorations and Data Driven Marketing

There are many topics that I could have written on this week. The Indiana primary [...]

Who Needs Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Every marketing cloud and marketing automation vendor out there is touting the importance of sales [...]

Marketing Automation Data: Molehill to Mountain

  I just returned from a quick vacation in Colorado and Wyoming. I have visited [...]

Clean Up Your Data With These 5 Tips

There’s no better example of “data in, data out” than email personalization. We’ve all opened [...]

CRM Enablement Through Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Every day here at PERQ, our salespeople make tons of phone calls and send out [...]

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How Marketing is Evolving for Your Customers

When I first started working in marketing technology, I engaged with clients via telephone, email, online and face-to-face [...]

Finding and Cultivating More Best-Fit Clients

You’ve heard it before: one size doesn’t fit all. Just because you provide a product [...]