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Finding and Cultivating More Best-Fit Clients

You’ve heard it before: one size doesn’t fit all. Just because you provide a product [...]

Sales and Marketing Alignment, for real

OK, I’ll admit it. I’ve worked in marketing for nearly 10 years and I’ve never [...]


The Future of Strategic Digital Marketing

I recently came across an example of the future of strategic digital marketing. A friend [...]

Building Engagement and Driving Revenue

Knowing who your target audience is and the type of content that’s most likely to [...]

Creating Content to Keep Customers

There seems to be an increasing focus when dealing with content creation on engagement, and [...]

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Embracing Customer Differences with Lifecycle Marketing

Difference makes the world go around. I frequently remind myself this world would be very [...]

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TweetChat: Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty marketing is an approach to marketing that is focused on growing and retaining existing customers through incentives [...]

Need for an Integrated Marketing Approach

Email marketing is still at the heart of most marketing communication plans. In addition, most [...]

The Importance of Investigative & Predicative Analytics in Customer Engagement

The bedrock of Lifecycle Marketing is in having visibility to the progress of prospects and customers through [...]

The Need for Marketing Integration

Today’s digital marketer has many ways to reach consumers and conversely, consumers have many ways [...]