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Marketing Metrics that Matter

So you’ve got all the enthusiasm in the world because you’re about to launch your [...]

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Desk Decorations and Data Driven Marketing

There are many topics that I could have written on this week. The Indiana primary [...]

How to Avoid Data Driven Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes can be costly. For example, in 1999 a team of Lockheed Martin engineers used [...]

Top 5 Metrics You Must Dominate

Magic Johnson. Babe Ruth. Serena Williams. Tiger Woods. Peyton Manning. Kobe Bryant. Walter Payton. Lisa [...]

Which Marketing Metrics Matter Most?

Thinking back to when my career in marketing first started, I recall a conversation with [...]

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How to Track Social ROI: The Big Wind is Blowing

Over the past few weeks it has been very windy here in Indianapolis. By very [...]