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Marketing Metrics that Matter

Marketing Metrics

So you’ve got all the enthusiasm in the world because you’re about to launch your first (or 100th) marketing campaign. You love what you do and you love to see results. But are you good at measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns with the right marketing metrics? Choosing the right metrics to monitor marketing and […]

Mapping Audience Segments With Relevant Messaging

Increasing engagement and converting prospects is a key area of focus for every marketer. One way to boost engagement is through different mediums of communication. However, many marketers make the mistake of adopting a “one size fits all” approach when communicating with prospects, engaging all prospects in the lead database with identical messages.  This rarely […]

Introducing Progressive Profiling

In this newest sprint cycle, Right on Interactive is proud to introduce Progressive Profiling to its users. Progressive Profiling allows clients to efficiently gather more valuable data about their potential customers while simultaneously boosting form conversion rates. Form conversion rates relate to the frequency at which users open forms compared to the frequency at which […]

Landing Page Videos Influence Consumer Decisions

In the last decade, online buying and browsing has grown to become a normal part of our everyday lives. From self-purchases to gifts for others, we have evolved into a culture that explores the various realms of the Internet in order to gather information regarding specific products. We read numerous online reviews, compare different company prices, and […]

Responsive Design: Why it’s Important for Businesses

  Picture your closet; inside is an array of shirts from throughout the years. Some fit great, but others are too small, worn-out, or have holes in them. You wouldn’t even consider wearing the shabby, worn-out shirt in public anymore. However, you originally purchased these garments for a couple reasons: (1) its functionality and (2) […]

TweetChat: Keys to Conversion

Marketers today are evaluated on numerous objectives and goals. While most organizations are clamoring for “more leads” they are also critical of the quality of these leads, which can be deciphered at a glance thanks to a certain percentage known as the conversion rate. What are conversion rates? Recently in Forbes, contributor Dave Lavinsky defined conversion rates […]

What Customers Want

Gaining customer loyalty is of utmost importance in a highly competitive business world. This is a world in which customers have a plethora of choices, and each player tries to outbid the other through discounts, offers, features, and even having that “fun” factor. But, building a loyal customer base requires a two-step process of 1) ensuring […]