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The Benefits of a Lifecycle Marketing Solution

Right On Interactive and partner Education Services Group just published an infographic: The Roadmap to Lifecycle Movement. This new infographic illustrates the benefits of a lifecycle marketing solution, while demonstrating how different organizations can create the various lifecycle stages, migrating their prospects to customers for life. While many marketers find it important to automate their marketing efforts, most […]

Landing Page Videos Influence Consumer Decisions

In the last decade, online buying and browsing has grown to become a normal part of our everyday lives. From self-purchases to gifts for others, we have evolved into a culture that explores the various realms of the Internet in order to gather information regarding specific products. We read numerous online reviews, compare different company prices, and […]

21 Reasons Why You Should Be Focused On Customer Experience

Customer Service Journey

Successful marketing is about more than winning clients. Lifecycle marketing and customer experience play a huge role in marketing success. It’s not just about winning a customer; it’s about that customer’s experience in their journey with your brand. Winning the customer is only the start of that journey. From there, it’s all about engaging and […]