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What Football is Teaching Us About Multi-Channel Marketing

B2B Marketing

I am a huge football fan. Watching a team’s offense fully execute a play is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. It is important to have balanced play calling that includes inside runs, outside runs, short passes, long passes, and the occasional trick play. A good offensive coordinator notices trends and will […]

Web Design Techniques to Increase Visitor Engagement

“Design is creativity with strategy.” – Rob Curedale It’s not surprising that beauty is a top priority in web design, relying on visual attraction or a “coolness factor” to determine success and retain page visitors for extended periods of time. However, visual sharpness is only half the battle. Remembering to design with a purpose and strategy, even […]

Landing Page Videos Influence Consumer Decisions

In the last decade, online buying and browsing has grown to become a normal part of our everyday lives. From self-purchases to gifts for others, we have evolved into a culture that explores the various realms of the Internet in order to gather information regarding specific products. We read numerous online reviews, compare different company prices, and […]