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Customer Success Metrics: Onboarding Stage

Are you happy with your customer retention rate? Do you know what’s causing customer churn? [...]

Focus on Client Relationships

I was recently introduced to an agency that puts more focus on client relationships than [...]

Super Support: Where’s Your Hoosier Hospitality?

The concept of Hoosier Hospitality really took hold when the 2012 Super Bowl was held [...]

Why Customer Relationships Matter

In the midwest, the month of May typically brings a mix of sunshine and lingering “April showers,” [...]

How Marketing Automation Improves Customer Retention

If you do a Google search for “lead management software,” chances are you’ll find results [...]

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How to Focus on the Customer Service Journey

We all take a journey as we embark on any new relationship. From personal to [...]

Leveraging Data to Build Better Customer Personas

It’s like the popular movie, The Hunger Games. Every individual that lives within the districts [...]


Expert Interview Series: Tyler Williams on Keeping Your Clients

This post was originally published on Media Shower’s site.  Do you know what single act is [...]

How to Reduce Customer Churn for B2B

Your marketing team spends a lot of time (and money) to attract potential customers. Your [...]

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Promoting Customer Retention Through Lifecycle Marketing

It’s been a couple years since my college friend group and I graduated Butler, so [...]