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Focus on Client Relationships

I was recently introduced to an agency that puts more focus on client relationships than [...]

Super Support: Where’s Your Hoosier Hospitality?

The concept of Hoosier Hospitality really took hold when the 2012 Super Bowl was held [...]

Bad Blood between Sales and CS? Shake it Off!

Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Blood_(Taylor_Swift_song) In case you live under a rock, Taylor Swift has been on a bit [...]

The Value of Marketing and Client Success Alignment

“Customer-centric” is a value that gets tossed around a lot, but have you ever thought [...]

Clams: How to tell the Full Customer Story

Yesterday I had a conversation with Right On Interactive’s CEO, Troy Burk, that many would [...]

Keeping Current Customers: Breeding Customer Loyalty

How many times have you written a review on Yelp, G2 Crowd, Amazon.com or Facebook? [...]

CS and Marketing Alignment: Burritos and Pizza Rat

Your clients are like big, tasty burritos. No, it’s not because they are wrapped in [...]

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Client Success

When we think about the duties of the client success team, three main responsibilities come [...]

Give me all your data

Let’s be honest, as marketers, we crave data. In a world where we create 2.5 quintillion [...]

Marketing and Customer Engagement

When I first started working in marketing technology, I engaged with clients via telephone, email, online and face-to-face [...]