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Become a Data-Driven Donkey Kong

Whether you would like to admit it or not, the most powerful throwback Nintendo character [...]

The Benefits of Using Past Data to Plan Out Future Marketing Campaigns

It’s that time again! Your last campaign just wrapped up, and now you’re mapping out [...]

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Big Social. Media Data. Did I say that I right?

Big Data (noun): “A vastly overused term thrown around to make people feel better about [...]

Marketing Automation Data: Molehill to Mountain

  I just returned from a quick vacation in Colorado and Wyoming. I have visited [...]

Clean Up Your Data With These 5 Tips

There’s no better example of “data in, data out” than email personalization. We’ve all opened [...]

The Many Possibilities of Big Data

Most B2B marketers feel flustered as they struggle to meet targets. They face the pressure of [...]

Big Data Increases the ROI of Lead Generation and Engagement Initiatives

Big data has opened up a world of possibilities and among them is identifying the ideal [...]

2015: The Year of Data Driven Marketing

I was recently catching up with some fellow marketers when someone brought up their biggest issue [...]

How to Customize and Personalize Marketing Efforts

CMO Council recently reported, 54% of all consumers in the United States and Canada would [...]


The Inherent Pitfalls in Social Media Data

Many marketers are focusing their efforts on big data analytics. Big data entails the gathering and [...]