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Technology Has Changed College Recruitment

Technology has created a paradigm shift in the way the world operates, and colleges and institutions of higher learning are of no exception. People are now exposed to technology 24/7. Today’s students are exposed to about 30,000 hours of digital information by the time they reach their 20s. It’s no wonder universities now use technology […]

How to Overcome Big Data Challenges

A survey conducted by the SAS Institute reveals that 67% of companies use big data to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. However, it is a fallacy to assume that big data simply equates to aggregating more and more data. In fact, aggregating data is merely a precursor to the real thing, trying to extrapolate […]

Big Data Success Hinges on Putting the Customer First

Marketing (and big data!) is the engine that fuels company growth. To be effective, the marketer has to shift their focus from ensuring the success of their campaigns to ensuring the success of the overall business strategy. While there are many ways and approaches a marketer can take, a common thread that runs across all […]

Big Data: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Many companies who invest in a big data platform hoard data. These organizations collect vast amounts of data and don’t delete any of it, fearing it will be needed in the future. Faced with an insurmountable mound of data, outside the scope of conventional analytical tools, companies are forced to invest in big data platforms […]

Big Data Can Power Personalized Marketing Campaigns

The effectiveness of Big Data analytics depends on the purpose to which it is put to use. One way marketers can leverage big data is to improve personalization. With “batch-and-blast” emails, marketers can use Big Data to collect actionable insight on their prospects, to target, personalize, and time their campaigns better. Here are a few […]

Data Validation: The Last Piece of the Big Data Puzzle

In our last post, we discussed the importance of using Big Data to create a persona of an ideal customer to help drive a company’s marketing, sales and engagement strategies. But what should you do with this profile? How can it be put to use? The answer is data validation. Making assumptions generally leaves a […]

Data Modeling: Do the Numbers Match the Theory?

Earlier in this series we looked at the importance of building a profile of your ideal customer. Creating the persona of the “perfect” customer gives the marketing team an idea of what type of client to target by identifying traits that are the most profitable for the business. When Right On Interactive begins working with […]

The Path to a More Profitable Website

Simply put, your website must be about impacting business performance and success. Although SEO and SEM are important to attracting new visitors to your website, it’s often viewed as the only metric in many executive meetings. In addition, although important to the brand and user experience, design can also distract website owners from what’s important […]

Big Data Makes the Marketer’s Life Easy

Do you remember life before the Internet? A couple of years ago I attended a conference on social media and the presenter shared that today’s high school graduates have never heard a dial-up modem. That boggled my mind! I fondly remember the sound of the modem dialing, the static, beeping, and then the famous words, […]