Big Data Makes the Marketer’s Life Easy

Do you remember life before the Internet? A couple of years ago I attended a conference on social media and the presenter shared that today’s high school graduates have never heard a dial-up modem. That boggled my mind! I fondly remember the sound of the modem dialing, the static, beeping, and then the famous words, “Welcome, you’ve got mail!”

It’s difficult to remember a time when I didn’t get the news or a map to a destination without logging in, double clicking or accessing an app on my phone. The Internet has dramatically changed the way we learn, communicate, do business, and entertain ourselves.

As technology has progressed, marketers have been able to find out more and more information about their customers and prospective customers. We don’t just collect “data” anymore; it’s now officially Big Data.

The trick with Big Data is not to get hung up on the word “big.” Yes, there is a lot of information out there on consumers – but that’s a good thing! Now we can send targeted marketing pieces to people who are actually a good fit with brands – not just “in the area” or the “lady of the house.”

Right On Interactive takes Big Data marketing to the next level with its Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ solution. Now, marketers have visibility into who fits their profile of the ideal customer and who is the most engaged with their brand. Having the ability to pinpoint these ideal customers with high engagement levels is a marketer’s dream – and it’s all thanks to Big Data.