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The Real Benefit of Lead Scoring

Picture it: An anonymous website visitor spends two minutes on a website. Later, an identified [...]

How Can Lead Segmentation Improve Campaign Success?

When you’re first starting out in the lead generation game, attracting the right types of [...]

17 Reasons to Use an Email Marketing Automation Tool

There are hundreds upon hundreds of companies in the marketing technology landscape (see for yourself). Of [...]

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Top 3: How Content Marketing is Changing the Game

Measure. Track. Calculate. Prove. Evaluate. Return on investment. Closed loop report. Marketing as an industry [...]

Six Customer Retention Tips for Lifelong Relationships

Like a sheepherder that feeds, tends, and guards his flock, businesses must take care of [...]

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Creating Lifelong Customers

A newer version of your 7-month-old tablet or iPad is coming out in a week [...]

Big Data Increases the ROI of Lead Generation and Engagement Initiatives

Big data has opened up a world of possibilities and among them is identifying the ideal [...]

The Inherent Pitfalls in Social Media Data

Many marketers are focusing their efforts on big data analytics. Big data entails the gathering and [...]

How Marketing Automation improves customer retention

If you do a Google search for “lead management software,” chances are you’ll find results [...]

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Marketing success doesn’t come with glitter

Step right up folks and witness an all-new, never before seen, brand-spanking new digital marketing [...]