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The Real Benefit of Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Picture it: An anonymous website visitor spends two minutes on a website. Later, an identified website visitor spends five minutes on that same website and downloads an infographic. Would you communicate with both contacts the same way? Hopefully, the identified visitor will receive a more personalized follow up because more is known about their profile […]

Deliver the Right Content Type for Effective Engagement

The onus is on marketers to keep incoming leads engaged. Generating leads, and not engaging them, or engaging such leads improperly, is an exercise in futility as such leads would most likely move elsewhere. The way to engage leads and turn them into sales ready opportunities is through innovative marketing communications. Content that engages the […]

Quadruple Results with a Multi-Step Lead Nurturing Campaign

by Richard Cunningham – In the recent webcast co-sponsored by Compendium Blogware and Right On Interactive, Chris Baggott, co-founder and CEO of Compendium illustrated how business blogging – done the right way – will maximize organic search engine rankings and will have a dramatic impact on your ability to generate marketing leads.  I spoke about the equally […]