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Boost Conversions with Email Segmentation

Email Segmentation Image

Do you segment your email lists? Email segmentation is the process of dividing your data into highly targeted lists based on the criteria you define. As a result, personalized messages are more relevant to the recipient. But many marketers are still hesitant about using it. CMOs that fall behind don’t realize that email segmentation increases […]

RFM Analysis Improves Targeted Offers

Define RFM Analysis

Do you know the cardinal rule of marketing? It’s simple: “Know Thy Customer.” In this article, we explore the simple and effective strategy called RFM analysis to improve customer engagement and increase sales. Businesses with effective marketing strategies take the time to study their customers to target their needs with refinement. Doing so helps them […]

How Can Lead Segmentation Improve Campaign Success?

How Can Lead Segmentation Improve Campaign Success

When you’re first starting out in the lead generation game, attracting the right types of prospects can be quite difficult. Depending on the nature of your business, you might find yourself casting a really large net (Ex: Targeting businesses in a particular region you focus on) or casting a smaller net (Ex: Targeting businesses in […]

A Guide to Database Lifecycle Marketing

database lifecycle marketing

Database marketing is a fast-growing strategy that has gained popularity in recent years with advance in business software systems. At its core, database marketing includes the communication, promotion, and sales activities of an organization based on a database management system. With increased functionality in CRM and marketing automation solutions, marketers are able to construct customer […]

Mapping Audience Segments With Relevant Messaging

Increasing engagement and converting prospects is a key area of focus for every marketer. One way to boost engagement is through different mediums of communication. However, many marketers make the mistake of adopting a “one size fits all” approach when communicating with prospects, engaging all prospects in the lead database with identical messages.  This rarely […]

Customer Segmentation Best Practices

Segmentation provides incredible insights about the prospect and the customer. But, the effort and cost that go into segmentation is normally pretty high. How can marketers pursue customer segmentation relentlessly if there is no reliable way to measure its ROI? There are many segmentation tools available in the market, but these tools merely automate the […]