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RFM Analysis Improves Targeted Offers

Define RFM Analysis

Do you know the cardinal rule of marketing? It’s simple: “Know Thy Customer.” In this article, we explore the simple and effective strategy called RFM analysis to improve customer engagement and increase sales. Businesses with effective marketing strategies take the time to study their customers to target their needs with refinement. Doing so helps them […]

How to Use Big Data: Add Potency to Your Marketing Efforts

Data is part of the foundation of Lifecycle Marketing. If you’re not keeping track of your customers habits you’re missing key insights that can really help boost your marketing efforts. When a customer makes a purchase, an in-house analytic engine usually logs it in a sales-vs-time plot. These analytics provide marketers with information like peak […]

Creating a Profile of the Prospect

Marketing automation has come a long way in popularity and acceptance. Sirius Decisions estimates the adoption rate of marketing automation to increase by 50 percent by 2015. But success the of marketing automation tools depends on having clearly defined goals in place. This becomes even more important since the marketing landscape is moving away from […]