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Social Media and Marketing Strategy Alignment

Social Content Strategy

Not too long ago, CMOs who responded to a survey sponsored by the American Marketing Association regarding the state of marketing confirmed on a scale of 1-7 (1 being “not integrated” and 7 “very integrated) that their social media was linked to their company’s overall marketing strategy at an average level of 3.9. And while […]

How Can Lead Segmentation Improve Campaign Success?

How Can Lead Segmentation Improve Campaign Success

When you’re first starting out in the lead generation game, attracting the right types of prospects can be quite difficult. Depending on the nature of your business, you might find yourself casting a really large net (Ex: Targeting businesses in a particular region you focus on) or casting a smaller net (Ex: Targeting businesses in […]

The Good, Bad and Ugly of your B2B Family

B2B family

Most of us share one common priority over the holiday season: time with family. This means different traditions, celebrations, and activities — depending on your background — but most of us will see grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, and parents in varying capacities. Some of you may have cringed at the thought of having to […]

How to Create a Content Marketing Plan

how to create a content marketing plan

One of the primary goals most marketers in the twenty first century share is driving website traffic. It’s not lost on any of us that the more people we can get our goods and services in front of, the more likely we become to convert anonymous visitors into identified, and qualified leads into customers.  The […]