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Improve Social Media Content in Your Emails

Social Media Content

The social era is booming, and fully integrating your emails with social media is a must. To stay relevant with your audience, you have to be where they are- on social media. Adding social media content to your emails can be a natural extension of the emails to drive engagement. Not sure if you’re optimizing the […]

Social Media and Marketing Strategy Alignment

Social Content Strategy

Not too long ago, CMOs who responded to a survey sponsored by the American Marketing Association regarding the state of marketing confirmed on a scale of 1-7 (1 being “not integrated” and 7 “very integrated) that their social media was linked to their company’s overall marketing strategy at an average level of 3.9. And while […]

How to Use Social Media Engagement Metrics to Build a Stronger Community

Social Media Engagement

If your organization isn’t taking social media seriously, you’re probably missing out. Although the value of social media can differ from brand to brand, it’s important to be where your customers are. And in our digital age, it’s likely that they’re active on social media in some form or another. Even if social media isn’t […]