Data Validation: The Last Piece of the Big Data Puzzle

In our last post, we discussed the importance of using Big Data to create a persona of an ideal customer to help drive a company’s marketing, sales and engagement strategies. But what should you do with this profile? How can it be put to use?

The answer is data validation. Making assumptions generally leaves a lot of room for error, and this is especially true for business. Assuming things about the wants, needs and behaviors of a customer base can have disastrous results.

These days your marketing efforts must be customer focused. If you’re not giving prospects what they want when they want it, they will gladly find another business that can.

That’s why data validation is the real test of all the effort spent identifying key data points, cleaning dirty data and capturing the most relevant information. Data validation is where the rubber meets the road and you’re finally able to see a clear picture of whether or not those prior assumptions are correct (Hint: they generally aren’t).

Think of business struggling with Big Data like a hiker lost in the woods. Panic can set in after the initial realization that they’re lost, but this is not the time to make quick decisions, because decisions under stress are generally poor choices. Stop, assess the situation and identify what tools you have at your disposal.

Taking a path you assume leads to civilization is a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why it’s important to carry a map and a compass, so you can validate the path out of the woods to rescue.

Working with Big Data is no different. The more effort you put into making data work for you, the quicker you’ll be out of the forrest.

At Right On Interactive we don’t just carry a road map, we custom build them for our clients. Let us be the partner that helps guide your business out of the Big Data wilderness and back to civilization.