Big Data Can Power Personalized Marketing Campaigns

The effectiveness of Big Data analytics depends on the purpose to which it is put to use.

One way marketers can leverage big data is to improve personalization. With “batch-and-blast” emails, marketers can use Big Data to collect actionable insight on their prospects, to target, personalize, and time their campaigns better. Here are a few ways in which marketers can apply Big Data to run personalized campaigns:

  1. Big Data delivers a comprehensive customer profile, offering marketers information on the type of content and the delivery mode that the prospect prefers.
  2. The marketer may consider combining data, browsing history, and all other Big Data sources to create individualized product suggestions for their prospect. For instance, engaging prospects with finer details, such as the last purchase they made, their preferred mode of contact, and more increases the chances of conversion considerably.
  3. Looking at the Big Data sets allows the marketer to identify distinct trends and patterns. For instance, it may help reveal attribution – whether a prospect is directed to an ecommerce site from social media or a banner ad is more likely to buy a certain product. Similarly, it could reveal trends of people with certain demographics having an affinity to specific products. Armed with such information, the marketer can make informed predictions, and engage with the prospect on such lines.
  4. Big Data also allows the marketer to fine tune their efforts based on additional feedback, even when feedback is not direct, and work on it to improve offerings.

Big Data offers opportunities for marketers to deepen customer loyalty and improve user experience. It provides the marketers with the story of their customers, allowing marketers to engage them the way they want to be engaged. Personalized messages makes many customers feel unique, and this in turn will facilitate brand loyalty.

Big Data, however, is just one piece of the marketing puzzle. It provides the power behind your marketing efforts. Our Customer Lifecycle Marketing solution helps businesses strategically engage and nurture ideal prospects and customers, taking Big Data to the next level and providing key insights to increase engagement. Engagement drives relationships, relationships drive revenue.

Are you using your Big Data wisely? What could you be doing better? What have you found to be most effective so far?