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The Many Possibilities of Big Data

Back to Basics

Most B2B marketers feel flustered as they struggle to meet targets. They face the pressure of ensuring the effectiveness of their campaigns and making productive use of their time. Big data can make their life easy on both these fronts. Big data holds the potential to apply new approaches to old problems, especially where there has […]

Transforming Voice of Customer Through Social Listening

voice of customer

Have you ever stopped and listened, but didn’t hear anything? Probably unlikely. At the minimum, even if no one is physically speaking, we can hear the little things… our own heartbeat, the sigh of a coworker, the hum of a motor. We hear all day long but, are we really listening to the people around […]

Google says goodbye to keywords

No doubt you’ve already heard the day everyone in online advertising and marketing has been fearing has arrived. Google has cut off all keyword data. It’s no more. Google now provides encrypted searches using HTTPS (secure search) and keyword data will no longer be shared with website owners. Secure search eliminates the ability for organizations […]

Technology Has Changed College Recruitment

Technology has created a paradigm shift in the way the world operates, and colleges and institutions of higher learning are of no exception. People are now exposed to technology 24/7. Today’s students are exposed to about 30,000 hours of digital information by the time they reach their 20s. It’s no wonder universities now use technology […]

Big Data: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Many companies who invest in a big data platform hoard data. These organizations collect vast amounts of data and don’t delete any of it, fearing it will be needed in the future. Faced with an insurmountable mound of data, outside the scope of conventional analytical tools, companies are forced to invest in big data platforms […]

Data Modeling: Do the Numbers Match the Theory?

Earlier in this series we looked at the importance of building a profile of your ideal customer. Creating the persona of the “perfect” customer gives the marketing team an idea of what type of client to target by identifying traits that are the most profitable for the business. When Right On Interactive begins working with […]

Big Data Retention Goals

Cleaning big data can pose a real challenge to marketers. Customer buying habits change, people move, and they get new phone numbers and email addresses. Incorrect or missing data can severely hamper the effectiveness of a company’s marketing campaign or customer service efforts. These moving targets make it vitally important for organizations to think about […]

Big Data and its Business Value

When talking about Big Data, the first question people often ask me is how I would define it. Though this usually leads into conversations about the amount of data companies are collecting, I believe it misses the true meaning behind Big Data. Big Data isn’t about how much data a company has, it’s about what business value companies can […]

Big Data and Your Website: Personalizing the Customer Experience

Data is the new natural resource. What steam and oil did during the industrial revolution data is doing for us now. Today, we are competing on a whole different scale and the company that is able to collect the most relevant data will win. IBM CEO, Ginny Rometty, was recently quoted as saying that “Data […]

Snow and How to Measure the Success of Social Media Engagement

Track Social ROI

Here in Indianapolis, like most of the midwest, we woke up to 9 inches of snow on the ground.  There are a number of thoughts that go though your head when this happens but one is how to continue to do your job while out of the office.  Social media has become a great tool […]