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Software Advice’s Marketing Automation Survey

Software Advice recently launched their 2014 Marketing Automation Software UserView Survey, which collects market data on the most popular products, their top benefits and more. Right On Interactive encourages all of our partners and clientsto participate in this year’s marketing automation survey, as we are included as a vendor. Software Advice’s Marketing Automation Software UserView Survey collects […]

Increasing Enrollment in Higher Ed

A college’s website is the first destination for many prospective students and parents when beginning to research universities and colleges. According to a 2011 E-Expectations Report sponsored by Noel-Levitz and the National Research Center for College and University Admissions, one out of five students removed a university from consideration after a bad experience with the school’s […]

The Marketing Tech Capital of the World

Indianapolis woke up to a very exciting announcement Thursday morning. Compendium, a local marketing technology software company, has been acquired by the software giant Oracle. Compendium is a content marketing solution and has experienced tremendous success over the past several years. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must share that I am an early […]

Google says goodbye to keywords

No doubt you’ve already heard the day everyone in online advertising and marketing has been fearing has arrived. Google has cut off all keyword data. It’s no more. Google now provides encrypted searches using HTTPS (secure search) and keyword data will no longer be shared with website owners. Secure search eliminates the ability for organizations […]

Changes to Gmail and the impact on email marketing

If you are a Gmail user, you may have noticed a new tab format rolled out earlier this summer. The new format separates received emails into categories and allows the user to see new emails at a glance within each category. This better allows the user to read their emails at their convenience. In the […]

Right On Interactive a Trend Setter?

Recently, Right On Interactive was one of eight marketing automation vendors included in Info-Tech Research Group’s Vendor Landscape for Lead Management Automation. To be included in the report was an honor, but to actually earn an award as well is the icing on the cake! Not only was Right On categorized as an “Innovator” in the […]

Engagement matters, too

Engagement indicates a person’s level of commitment. It can come in many forms, such as diamond rings or “@” replies. But engagement, however you get it, can be the difference between a suspect, a qualified lead and a returning customer. As we recently discussed, lead scoring ranks your prospective customers based upon metrics your organization deems […]

The evolving marketing technology landscape

It has been very interesting to watch the quickly evolving marketing technology landscape with new companies coming on the scene, Marketo launching an IPO earlier this year, Eloqua being acquired by Oracle,’s recent announcement to purchase ExactTarget + Pardot and more recently, Adobe’s acquisition of Neolane. This activity underscores the rapid innovation occurring to […]

Twitter Offers New Innovations to Boost Lead Generation

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are head and shoulders above other social media channels, especially among B2B marketers. LinkedIn tops the list with 80% of B2B marketers using this channel. Facebook comes second with 75% and Twitter follows close behind, with 74% of B2B marketers patronizing this social media channel. As Twitter tries to close the gap, […] + ExactTarget: Validation for all technical marketers

Last week was definitely an interesting one in the marketing world. After years of marketing technology taking a back seat to other technologies, we saw a resounding vote for the importance of marketing in today’s business world from software leader in their $2.5 billion dollar acquisition of ExactTarget. Congratulations to Marc Benioff, Scott Dorsey and team […]