Right On Interactive a Trend Setter?

Recently, Right On Interactive was one of eight marketing automation vendors included in Info-Tech Research Group’s Vendor Landscape for Lead Management Automation. To be included in the report was an honor, but to actually earn an award as well is the icing on the cake! Not only was Right On categorized as an “Innovator” in the report, but we received the sole “Trend Setter” award for our “unique presentation of real-time data about the progress of prospects in their relationship with the brand (through features such as the ROI Customer Lifecycle Map).”

trend·set·ter (tr nd s t r). n. One that initiates or popularizes a trend.

While it’s exciting to be recognized for our approach to marketing automation, I’m more encouraged by the increased interest in lifecycle marketing as a solution.

Lifecycle marketing has replaced the traditional approach to marketing tactics. The Right On Interactive lifecycle marketing methodology focuses on the individual person or company and their journey with your brand. By understanding where a prospect or customer is in their “lifecycle” dictates how they are communicated to, by whom and how often. These are all important factors in driving engagement, which is the most valuable metric your business can measure.

Right On Interactive’s Customer Lifecycle Map doesn’t just present real-time data detailing the progress of prospects and customers in their relationship with the brand to the marketer, but it’s an interactive tool that can create segments for highly customized nurturing campaigns. Gone are the days of batch and blast emails!

While I don’t think we started this trend in lifecycle marketing, I know we have been doing it for awhile and we excel at it. In fact, Troy wrote a blog post in May 2012 on “Marketing Automation and Lifecycle Marketing Explained.” In it, he explains the concept of marketing automation and its usefulness to marketing and sales teams. He also asserts most vendors in the space loosely define marketing automation as scoring and nurturing leads. They stop at the point where a prospect becomes a customer.

Check out our ebook What is Lifecycle Marketing? to learn how a sophisticated, multi-level scoring approach to marketing automation produces better business results.