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The Value of Marketing and Client Success Alignment

Marketing and Client Success Alignment

“Customer-centric” is a value that gets tossed around a lot, but have you ever thought about how to actually structure your company around the needs of your customers? Steve Jobs is someone who knows a thing or two about growing a successful business, and he does a great job summarizing his approach to being customer-centric. […]

When Retaining Customers May Not Be a Good Idea

We know it’s far easier (and cheaper) to retain existing customers than it is to recruit new ones. But amidst the buzz surrounding customer retention, it’s important to remember that not all customers are worth keeping. More customers generally means more profit. However, beyond a point, the marginal increase in profits per customer decreases. Increasing […]

Relationships Drive Conversions

Today’s customers are highly aware and leverage the Internet to scour information. Sirius Decisions estimates that B2B buyers are already 70 percent through the buying process before they contact the vendor. To retain customers in such a fluid environment marked by fleeting customer loyalties, marketers need to nurture valuable  relationships with prospects. So, how do […]