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Desk Decorations and Data Driven Marketing

Desk Decorations and Data Driven Marketing

There are many topics that I could have written on this week. The Indiana primary election, Game of Thrones, the NFL draft, my upcoming mini marathon, May the Fourth, the Indiana Pacers playoff collapse, etc. However, I have decided to focus my blog this week on a desk decoration that I have mere inches from […]

Why Content Marketing is the New Alphabet – and you need to learn to speak again

Content Marketing

So before the stock market crashed – and at least partially recovered – there was Alphabet, remember? Here is another take on Alphabet: With 77% of marketers increasing content production in 2015 there is no doubt content marketing is the main method of communications businesses use to engage with their audience. Businesses that practice content […]

Top 4 Ways to Balance Your Content

balance your content

Is more content actually a bad thing for B2B marketing? Many marketers focus on generating large volumes of marketing content to offer detailed and in-depth information to their prospects. With content being the fuel that drives inbound marketing, it seems to make sense to create more and more. However, when it comes to the effectiveness of […]

Introducing Progressive Profiling

In this newest sprint cycle, Right on Interactive is proud to introduce Progressive Profiling to its users. Progressive Profiling allows clients to efficiently gather more valuable data about their potential customers while simultaneously boosting form conversion rates. Form conversion rates relate to the frequency at which users open forms compared to the frequency at which […]