Top 4 Ways to Balance Your Content

balance your content

Is more content actually a bad thing for B2B marketing?

Many marketers focus on generating large volumes of marketing content to offer detailed and in-depth information to their prospects. With content being the fuel that drives inbound marketing, it seems to make sense to create more and more. However, when it comes to the effectiveness of the content, more may actually count for less.

Today’s busy executive may not have time to scroll down and read a lengthy email. The odds are he or she will lose interest midway. There are many ways to overcome the shortening attention spans of your audience. Balance your content without compromising the quality or depth of your information.
  • Use images, charts and graphs. People are rarely bored with illustrations and, in fact, may consider them a welcomed diversion from the relentless amount of emails and text they receive daily.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. The application of this proverb in the marketing space is through infographics, a powerful content medium that summarizes complex topics or solutions into a single image.
  • Integrate the content with other marketing programs. For instance, a link to a YouTube video provides the opportunity to get directly to the point. Alternatively, it may be possible to get the viewer’s attention through a product image or infographic, and use hyperlinks to pull them towards the more detailed descriptions available elsewhere on your site.
  • Use analytics and viewer psychology.  Identify the optimal content size and type, and make appropriate customizations depending on the audience and/or context.

Finally, the size or the length of content matters, but it is not the only thing that determines how effectively the content served its purpose. The relevance of the content to the stage of the customer lifecycle has an equally important role in ensuring effective content.  You would not speak to a customer of twenty years in the same manner you would speak to a new prospect.  Tailor your content to your audience to boost engagement across all lifecycle stages.

Here’s the bottom line: You should be creating great content, not just a lot of it. Use marketing automation to track your efforts and integrate your marketing campaigns in order to get a better view of what content is performing and what isn’t.  Finally: act on it!  Keep promoting content that is performing well, and taper off promotion for content that is not performing up to your standards.

Interested in learning more about content marketing from our partners at Raidious? Check out our preferred blog from Craig “Dodge” Lile on creating content to build relationships.  PDF download available by clicking on the button below!

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