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Email Design for the Graphic Design Challenged

Email Description

I’m a writer. At the end of the day, if I think back to what I did most, it’s writing. I write blog posts, emails, press releases, etc. You name it, I’ve probably written it. That’s why top ten lists of email design best practices have never really mattered to me. I just write the […]

How to Engage Better in a Multi-Touch Point World

The influx of smart phones and tablets means more and more consumers are accessing the Internet through these devices. Many marketers adapt to these situations by launching device specific apps that optimize the experience for the consumer. Side by side with these efforts, marketers also need to change their content delivery and engagement strategy to […]

Responsive Design: Why it’s Important for Businesses

  Picture your closet; inside is an array of shirts from throughout the years. Some fit great, but others are too small, worn-out, or have holes in them. You wouldn’t even consider wearing the shabby, worn-out shirt in public anymore. However, you originally purchased these garments for a couple reasons: (1) its functionality and (2) […]

The Changing Nature of Email Marketing

Among the many innovations in the b2b marketing landscape, email retains its relevance as the basic, most widespread and effective direct marketing channel. The Marketing Channel and Engagement Benchmark Survey conducted in September 2012 revealed that in 2013, marketers plan to invest in email as much as they did in 2012. However, email marketing itself is struggling […]