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The Cut Throat Battle for Inbox Supremacy

The Cut Throat Battle for Inbox Supremacy

The battle for attention in the email inbox has reached new competitive heights in recent years. Whether it is the business address, personal address, or somewhere in between, we receive A LOT of emails. According to a study by DMR, the average office worker will receive 120 emails per day, and that does not include personal […]

Email Design for the Graphic Design Challenged

Email Description

I’m a writer. At the end of the day, if I think back to what I did most, it’s writing. I write blog posts, emails, press releases, etc. You name it, I’ve probably written it. That’s why top ten lists of email design best practices have never really mattered to me. I just write the […]

7 Email Marketing Design Tips for 2016

In a world filled with spam filtering technology, various web browsers, multiple email platforms, and numerous electronic viewing devices, the strategic layout and design of your email marketing has the potential to get your emails noticed, or better yet, ignite your audience into taking action. Being conscious of a few key elements can make a […]