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Who Needs Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Every marketing cloud and marketing automation vendor out there is touting the importance of sales and marketing alignment… but what does that even mean? I’ve worked in marketing departments for the majority of my career and we always operated separately from the sales team. Of course, we were responsive to the sales team’s needs but, […]

Why “Smarketing” is Crucial for Business Success


If you’re in a sales or marketing profession, you’ve probably heard the word “smarketing” more than a few times this past year. It’s gimmicky, for sure, but is there a deeper meaning? Is smarketing something your business should embrace? Some have suggested that marketing is really just sales drawn out over a longer period of […]

New Lifecycle Marketing E-book!


Is your company trying to shorten their sales cycle? Are they striving to generate new business while retaining current customers? Right On Interactive is now introducing its newest E-book: Lifecycle Marketing 101: What Every B2B Marketer Needs to Know About CLM! With this ebook, B2B marketers, senior executives, sales enablement professionals, or those seeking to know […]

Developing Trust is the Key to Shorten the Sales Cycle

Developing trust is the key to shortening the sales cycle. All marketers welcome a shortened sales cycle. A shorter sales cycle means less work and the possibility of engaging with more prospects in the available time, leading to both increased efficiency and better volumes. The key to shortening the sales cycle is to earn the […]