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What Mattresses Can Teach You About Multi-Channel Marketing

multi-channel marketing

When was the last time you learned about news from reading an actual newspaper? If you’re like the majority of Americans, you look primarily online or even to social media for your news sources. Consumers today are sophisticated and have access to information literally at their fingertips that they can consume within seconds. Today’s consumer also […]

Multi-Channel Marketing Tips from the World’s Most Powerful Brand

Multi-Channel Marketing

Chances are, you’re very familiar with this brand. You might have watched one of their movies, listened to their music, bought a t-shirt (or pair of Mickey ears *hint, hint*), or even gone to visit. That’s right, the 2016 World’s Most Powerful Brand is Disney. I recently took a trip to Disney World and got to see […]

Why You Should Create Multi Channel Content

In the beginning of Internet marketing, brands just had a website. Then came email, which was followed by branded blogs, social, video and mobile. Today brands’ owned media includes dozens of online channels, each with their own niche content delivery and audience. But all of those channels have one thing in common: They are content […]

Features of a Good Automated Email Marketing Platform

Conventional marketing wisdom places great value to “batch and blast” emails, wherein the marketer sends a generic email, usually unsolicited, to each prospect or customer in the list. Customers are now more informed and demand individual attention which has forced marketers to re-think this strategy. Marketers continue to use email as the basic tool to […]