6 Ways the Salesperson can Optimize Customer Engagement

For the sales team, it used to be about how many client lunches they had or the number of evening entertainments they scheduled within a week. Today, customers report being nearly 60 percent through the sales process before engaging a sales rep, regardless of the price point. What does this means for the modern day salesperson? The reality is, marketing technology is not merely for the marketer; there are countless benefits for the salesperson as well.

Although there may not be as many face-to-face meeting between the salesperson and a potential customer, the numerous technology tools out there help the salesperson remain engaged. From asking the right questions, to tailoring the message for the specific individual, customer engagement is about more than sending the most emails in one day. Productivity is important, but overload may lead recipients to “emotionally unsubscribe.” As a salesperson, you have lots of reasons to become accustomed to thinking about ways you can optimize customer engagement.

Below you will find six simple tips for optimizing engagement and interaction with prospects and customers.

ROI Pipeliner-Infographic

This infographic was inspired by a portion of a Right On Interactive’s, Sales Empowerment Through Marketing Technology webinar. For more, download the webinar here.